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im back...   
06:09pm 20/03/2006
mood: calm
Hi. shit i havnt been on here in a long ass time! I forgot about it. Anyways, my life is good I guess. I have a cool ass smart sexy girlfriend and I love WA. hhhhmmmm besides the fact that my mom refuses to believe the fact I have a girlfriend (and she lives with me now...) yea im good~! soo, Alkaline Trio and the Lawrence Arms are playing in Seattle TOGETHER on May 30th. i cant fucking wait. aahhh time to watch the second episode of the sopranos..new season bitches....~~~layte
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summer riot   
05:27pm 14/08/2005
  coolies. so this weekend has been really good. ive made some new friends. yesterday i met with a friend of mine i write to on myspace. we met at Summer Riot, its a outside event hosted by a local radio station and there were about 20 bands there. live music is soooo great~! my friends kept leaving and drinking beers and coming back. the only thing that sucked was the majority of the people there were prob under 18 and had all these stupid ass haircuts. like hair hanging in the face and shit. we left and bought some super soakers and it was really fun until some stupid ass guy from the radio station told me to take them to my car because they didnt want any of the musical equipment getting wet. how gay is that~!? im not gonna shoot electric shit with water?~! its cool .... we wrestled and it was a good time. all the good bands didnt play till late and by then i was fucking sun burnt and worn out~~~~~~~ ah.... live music is so great. Going to see the suicide machines thursday night~ oh yes  
03:24am 05/08/2005
mood: blah

dammit so today i wasnt really much of anything for anyone,,,,, maybe i got a job...hope i did. went to see a mutual friend but it was only for 2 1/2 hours......... i dont know it was kinda wierd. some things happen to her that i dont know and dont question cause its not my place, so. i deal. whatever she will prob read this and know a little more about me and thats good, but i dont think you always gotta go to a source like livejournal to know whats going on in your life. you should look around and make something of it through actual contact~!!!! drama sucks. why go online for gossip/~!? i dont understand but i guess im kinda a hypocrite by typing ..... fuck it. i have no say in the manner of someone and their own drama....so ... i just try to help. fuck i need to try to sleep..........
09:15pm 03/08/2005
mood: complacent
hey so does anyone use deadjournal too?~!?~!? nothing against livejournal but .... seems like more pissed off people that really have shit to say thats debatable use deadjournal i could be wrong......anyone know about it?~! or can help me out and get a code...~?!~!?!~??~!?~
try it......~~~~   
05:04pm 02/08/2005
mood: artistic

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07:12pm 27/07/2005
mood: crazy
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oh man im bored...ok i dont really post much in this livejournal so here goes.....tomorrow night im going to see REEL BIG FISH and CATCH 22~!!~~ holy shit its gonna be a great time. i invited my friend pam and my roommate is bringin a friend of his from work. we have an extra ticket so ANYONE in the seattle area or in WA close by want to go?~! besides all that...ive been lookin for a freakin job everyday and i have an interview at Safeway up the road by my house....i really want something better but a job is a job. i wonder what they are hiring for?~! anyways thats whats going on right now...and this weekend im gonna go to a cool waterfall place with pam and be one with nature. maybe ill go to GAMEWORKS with my roommate too....ill play it by ear.....
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08:39pm 05/07/2005
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dont catagorize me   
10:53pm 04/07/2005
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i love explosions   
09:59pm 04/07/2005
mood: cheerful
Fireworks make me happy. Things that explode are always a good time~! I can see a lot of people shooting off some fireworks all across puyallup from my bedroom window....awesome....I didnt go anywhere to see fireworks up close cause last night i partied in seattle pretty hard. Saw The Lawrence Arms and it was soooooo fucking great. I was so hyped up .... the venue was small and there was only about 50 people for the show. My kind of place. There was a small mosh pit but not too rough so i was pushing people and this one chick was dancing and we were pushing each other(between me singing along and pointing and flipping off brendan kelly).....we were laughing our asses off cause there were some preppy bitches in the crowd and i just pushed the shit out of them and pushed them into people slamming...yea. One time this dude had a girl piggy back and i pushed them too...they eventually fell but it was all in good fun~! I met the chick and she was really cool. she wanted to hang out...but then a friend of hers came up and wanted to find weed. I cant smoke and I dont do it like I used to so we left and went to the funhouse and drank more cheap beer and saw a couple pretty good bands. I met the lead singer of one and he seemed pretty cool. I love the funhouse. I would live there. Too bad its in Seattle. I need to find a place like that in Tacoma. Its much closer......~~~~
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04:12pm 26/06/2005
mood: bored
Yo peeps~! I just found out about live journal and im gonna try it out. i went out last night to The Funhouse in Seattle WA and got kinda drunk. and crunk. for christ. its cool cause my friend drove. im lame cause i only have one friend here in WA and we went to high school together in alabama. i want to meet some cool peeps who know the scene and want to chill and make a new friend too. today im pretty bored. im gonna play some half life 2. ~~~~~~~~~
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